The Contact Lens Certificate course is based around the ABDO Syllabus and the GOC Contact Lens Core Competencies. Both of these documents are available on request from the appropriate body.

The three key areas of theory study are:

1.      Ocular Anatomy, Physiology and Related Pathology; eyelids, pre-corneal tear film, lacrimal system, cornea, sclera, conjunctiva and anterior chamber.

2.      Visual Optics; instrumentation and emerging technology, refractive techniques, the optics of the eye and the optics of contact lenses.

3.      Contact Lens Practice; instrumentation, clinical procedures, abnormal conditions, design, materials, manufacture and related terminology, clinical application of all contact lens types, solutions and drugs.

The practical elements are; initial assessment, soft contact lens fitting, RGP contact lens fitting, complex lenses, aftercare routine and management, verification and identification

The theory course takes one academic year. Beyond this there is a requirement to develop patient case records and many students take an additional six months – one year before undertaking the practical examinations

We will send you some coursework material to work through and some assignment questions to answer for each part of the course. We will also allocate you a personal tutor and send you their contact details and a timetable for you to work to. There are 32 units of coursework and you will work through one each week. As the course is at advanced level, you will also need to undertake some additional research and read around the subject in order to gain a thorough understanding of the subject. You then send your work to your personal tutor who will mark it for you and return it to you with some feedback. You can expect this coursework to take you approximately 15 hours per week and you will need to be disciplined to make sure you keep up


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